1. A strong cold front brought strong winds, heavy rain to Hawaii
  2. Miles away in a snow covered little town
  3. California saw generous rain and snow, but not enough to end the drought
  4. We're working to restore electricity
  5. A nor'easter will bring lingering rain, wind to New England
  6. Feeling lucky today, got the sunshine
  7. A pattern change is on the way for late this weekend
  8. What a rainy ending given to a perfect day
  9. Early season snow has fallen in parts of the Sierra Nevada Mountains
  10. See the vultures circling the dark clouds
  11. The hurricane pushed through Georgia and so did I
  12. The sky is gold, all the trees change in the fall
  13. Then the cold came, the dark days
  14. When lava meets ice, it's magical
  15. Don't know what's down this road, I'm just walking trying to see through the rain coming down
  16. Partly cloudy with temperatures falling in New York City
  17. Don't wait for the sky to clear and you'll come in with the rain