1. "You remind me of your sister."
  2. "I've been STD free for *check watch* ALMOST a week!"
  3. "The National Debt is over 14 trillion dollars, so my personal debt isn't nearly as bad by comparison."
  4. "You remind me of my sister."
  5. "Do you like baseball? Because I could see myself getting to second base with you. Before getting tagged out on my way to third because I took too much of a lead off and forgot to tag up at second on a pop fly creating an automatic force-out situation."
  6. "What's that dark spot on my penis? Well buy me a drink and maybe I'll let you find out." (Follow this one up with a wink and your best Joe Biden smile)
  7. "You remind me of Sister Act." (Note: This one only works on Whoopi Goldberg, but is still undeniably "can't-miss")
  8. "My credit score is 666, the sign of the beast and ALSO a sign that I survived the '08 recession AM I RIGHT??"
  9. "Have you ever wanted to hook up with a hundredaire?"
  10. "You remind me of Sister Sister." (Note: Only works on Tia or Tamara Mowry, does not work on Taj Mowry)
  11. "In high school I was voted 'Most Likely to Die Alone and a Virgin'…care to prove them half wrong?"