don't worry, I hate me, too.
  1. apart
    figure out the correct usage, so you're not a part of the problem and you and I don't grow apart as friends.
  2. wheelhouse
    assuming that vocabulary is not in your wheelhouse, unless you're actually starting a retail store that sells wheels, called Wheel House
  3. nonetheless
    only acceptable separation of these words would be if you knew two people named None, and one was commonly referred to as None the Great, making the other, None the Less…though I'm sure that's a minority of people. nonetheless, I'm still committed to making sure we get this right, as a society.
  4. firsthand
    unless you're recalling a fond firsthand description of the first hand you ever shook.
  5. godforsaken
    who would've thought such a godforsaken section of language could be so, God, forsaken?
  6. straightforward
    a straightforward description of the average fratty guy's aesthetic at a bar would be: straight, forward. and debatably too straight, too forward.
  7. bittersweet
    a bittersweet memory of mine is when the Michigan Wolverines lost (bitter) to Michigan State, but our loss prevented Ohio State University from winning the Big Ten (sweet).
  8. worthwhile
    while it doesn't change your worth, it's worth your while to learn the worthwhile usage of this word.
  9. douchebag
    this one doesn't get separated very often, but people do seem to say it to me a lot. hm, weird coincidence.