mostly inspired by/plagiarized from @sally's list of a similar nature, I'm curious to see what y'all are vibing with now that the summer is mostly over (lol jk who am I kidding it's LA, summer is never over)
  1. I Never Knew How to Love You — Vesperteen
    big stuff from this unsigned artist and his post-postmodern, '80s influenced counter-pop. (ha did I seriously just write that sentence? could it sound any more insufferably hipster-elitist? God I hate me)
  2. Get Better — Frank Turner
    punk rawk personality behind a rock N roll voice and an acoustic guitar, the first single off Frank Turner's new album is proof that positivity in music and uplifting songs don't have to be lame. happy music can be good, too. tell your friends.
  3. Heart — flor
    you might have to do a little digging for this one as I believe all their music is only available via soundcloud, but the extra two minutes of effort is worth it if you think you'd like a band that sounds like the lovechild of Passion Pit and The 1975.
  4. Tear in My Heart — twenty one pilots
  5. anything @halsey
    she has fine-tuned her musical style to match her already well-tuned voice, and her new album is nothing but back to back jams. record drops this Friday I believe.
  6. Circles (Vanic remix) — machineheart
    these guys just put out their first official EP and signed a deal with Columbia, with more promise already queued up than acts with a decade more experience)
  7. Sedona - Houndmouth
    H/t @donnie for the rec
    Suggested by @sally
  8. Anything off of Years and Years debut album, Communion.
    King, Desire, Shine, Eyes Shut. All amazing songs.
    Suggested by @TJ