Inspired by @bobbyhundreds
  1. Terrific Street Controversy
    Having been apprised of a local rumpus by, I had to see for myself. As a 25+ resident of the neighborhood, I love this.
  2. A Rolling Pin At Target That Almost Perfectly Matches The Old Kitchen Linoleum (Ripped Out And Replaced) In The Beloved Family Summer Cottage
    Texted my sister for need/purchase advice but ultimately decided to pass.
  3. Seasonal Squashes In The 'Hood
    I want to marry that warty Celadon one.
  4. Welcome to…
  5. It's California. Smog Check Waiting Room.
    We passed!
  6. Commencement Of The Demolition Of My Former Longtime Place Of Employment To Make Way For A Building Already Leased To A Tech Co For 2016 Occupancy.
    End of an era 😢. I'm all for progress and all but I think a lot of the trades are being left behind. This was an 80-year-old building materials dealer business that catered to local construction, DIY, remodeling, artists/sculptors, etc. We closed in 2008 as a result of the Recession. I don't know where our customers go now. But when they do they can make their purchase with their Smartphone. ♻️ Circle of life. I guess. Something's lost…
  7. I Almost Forgot!
    As a newbie, this made my M-TH! @bjnovak
  8. And But So
    Flowers with artwork by a dear departed friend dans Chez Dusty.