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These facts about John Wilkes Booth will shock you.
  1. According to Booth family lore, when JWB was being nursed at 6 months old, his mother saw flames from the fire form the word "Country" then shift to form her son's name. She suspects her son would become a soldier and die for his country.
  2. John's brother Edwin is even today regarded as one of the greatest actors in American history.
  3. General Ulysses S. Grant was supposed to be in the State Box at Ford's Theatre with Mr. And Mrs. Lincoln and thus would also have been assassinated; however, Mrs. Grant had a bad feeling and insisted they not attend.
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Fall means never having to say you're sorry for:
  1. Reading other books from other imprints
  2. Brunch
  3. Stacks on stacks on stacks
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