Sip whenever the following occurs. If listed with an "*" you have to take a full shot.
  1. Saxophone (solo or ensemble).
  2. Riggs freaks.
  3. Murtaugh rolls his eyes/becomes exasperated.
  4. *Side boob.
    Full frontal does not count, but you can drink anyway.
  5. *"I'm too old for this shit."
    Happens less than you think it will.
  6. Murtaugh says Riggs' name more than once.
  7. Joshua (Gary Busey) does something creepy.
  8. Murtaugh has a sweet family moment.
  9. Riggs has a depressing (not-so) family moment.
  10. *A racially motivated joke occurs.
  11. Senseless death occurs.
    Death by explosion counts.