Inspired by @Boogie
  1. Keifer Sutherland
    24 made me a believer and he created one of televisions most memorable characters. Jack would handle you on the quickness like it was no problem.
  2. John Stewart
    A fresh voice and funny as he can be. Miss his show
  3. Michael B Jordan
    Fruitville Station and Creed showed he is ready to hang with the big boys. Expecting great movies from him
  4. Tina Fey
    Can do no wrong in my opinion. Will go down as one of the greats in comedy
  5. Dave Matthews
    His contributions to music are worthy of honor. The band is one of the toughest live bands ever.
  6. Prince
    Saw him in concert 3 times and he was better each time.
  7. Sting
    If he puts out an album, he gets my money. Simple as that and his song "I Burn for you" I dedicated to my Queen
  8. Derek Jeter
    Class act and one my favorite athletes ever
  9. Michelle Obama
    Need I say more?