1. icuTalks.com
    I have been a part of this group that meets once a month. There are three speakers who share how they have gotten through some of the most horrific events by faith and love. We just held a special night dealing with race relations and it was powerful. Love will win. http://icutalks.com/
  2. Ted Talks.
    This site reminds me of the willingness to share what we know in order to mature in how we interact with one another
  3. Hidden Treasures
    In this lifetime, I will seek out the unknown hidden treasures in people. The parts of them waiting to be discovered and valued like a rare diamond. Your value to this planet can never be measured but it is valuable
  4. Friends
    Getting together with people who just make you glad to create lasting memories is simply awesome
  5. Good Food
    My Queen makes these great dishes and our meals are food network worthy
  6. Unexpected interactions.
    I'm one of those people to strike up conversation wherever I go, you never know how a simple conversation might change a persons life. I've had some that changed mine forever