Songs I can't get out of my head.

And I couldn't be happier
  1. Heathens/ 21 Pilots
    I have to admit that I want this as theme music when I get together with my friends.
  2. The Blacker the Berry/ Kendrick Lamar
    One helluva way to channel rage
  3. Rage Against The Machine/ Guerrilla Radio
    Need more bands like this than ever before
  4. Public Enemy/ Fight The Power
    Never stop going against the systems
  5. Redemption Song/ Bob Marley
    Hope in the midst of chaos
  6. Get Away/ Lenny Kravitz
    Stays on my road trip playlist
  7. I need you to survive
    Gospel song that reminds me that we need one another and I have to believe that to stay sane
  8. Shower The People/ James Taylor
    Love this song and it always mellows me out
  9. Hold On/ Alabama Shakes
    My "I will make it " song. Saw them live this summer and they were beyond amazing