Discovery of how strong I am
  1. When you hear the words "Youre HIV positive. As difficult as it is, do not give in to the immediate fear.
  2. You are about to find out the warrior in you is ready to fight
  3. Get connected to a strong support group and only share your status with people you know can handle it.
  4. This is a defining moment where you will decide this is "Fight or Flight" and I say Fight (You're Worth fighting for.)
  5. You will awaken a new fire in you to live and appreciate all the things you took for granted.
  6. You will get to the place where you no longer live with the disease, the disease lives with you.
  7. You will become a part of a great community of friends you haven't met yet.
  8. One day you will tell your story and encourage others to do the same. I had many events to share mine and the love you get afterwards is awesome.
  9. You are defined by your destiny, not your diagnosis.
  10. Live Baby Live!!!!
  11. One day you get to share your story like this Click on link and go to stories. Mine is under my name Duane Wade (yeah that's my name)