That's what this app is for, right? Let's get down to it.
  1. Casino Royale
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    Better than Skyfall? Intrinsically, probably not, but that's why it says FAVORITE up there, not BEST. What puts Casino Royale over the top for me is the love story—Vesper Lynd is the most fascinating character in the whole Bond mythos to me, and studying her behavior once you know the whole story makes re-watching incredibly rewarding.
  2. Skyfall
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    Skyfall is most visually stunning movie in the series, combining many of the best qualities of the classic series and the Craig reboot. Mr. Silva is a pitch-perfect Bond villain, and the new takes on Q and Moneypenny hit the spot, even if the reveal of Eve's identity at the end is a little too precious. The real star of the show is Judi Dench, of course, in her best performance as M. So long, Dame.
  3. Goldfinger
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    Goldfinger is a true classic, codifying the Bond Film as a subgenre of sorts, and influencing cinema for decades to come. While it still holds up very well, it's just not as emotionally or visually rich as modern Bond flicks, and it's hard to still find Connery's misogyny here anything but revolting in 2015.
  4. The Spy Who Loved Me
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    Bond movies can be all sorts of things—dark spy thrillers, bombastic action movies, or even campy adventures. While Roger Moore's turns at being a brooding or badass bond never really felt right, he is the PERFECT camp Bond, the Adam West of the franchise. The Spy Who Loved Me is Moore at his best, just having a great time and sharing it with the audience.
  5. GoldenEye
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    MAN I wanted to include The Living Daylights on this list, but when it came down between that and GoldenEye I had to relent. Thing is, I like these two films for a lot of the same reasons, because they offer complex, mostly serious stories starring a Bond who seems to have a lot going on behind his eyes. I'm nuts about the subdued thriller that is The Living Daylights, but the all-out action of GoldenEye takes the cake.