A to Z list of some my favorite things

Some are more random than others
  1. Adventure
    Anything exciting and the slightest bit risky
  2. Being hugged
    There's not enough hugs in college
  3. Cowboys
    Not the western ones, the football ones from Dallas
  4. Dogs
    Especially mine
  5. Everything blue
    Blue is my favorite color
  6. Friends
    F is for friends who do stuff together
  7. Guitar
    Probably my favorite hobby
  8. How I Met Your Mother
    This show changed my life in a positive way
  9. Inception
    Great movie
  10. Jogging
    One of the best stress relievers
  11. Kindness
    Just do it
  12. Listening to music
    At least an hour a day
  13. Movies
    With the exception of romantic comedies
  14. Nancy Holsapple
    God bless that woman
  15. Organizing
    Once I start I can't stop
  16. Pizza
    This was a given
  17. Quick lines
    Much better than waiting in slow lines
  18. Road trips
    Spontaneity is a plus
  19. Singing
    But not in front of people
  20. Twenty One Pilots
  21. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
  22. Vanilla flavored anything
    Especially ice cream
  23. Waves
    The sound mostly
  24. Xylophones
    Yep, huge fan
  25. Yahweh
    Best use of a Y I could think of, a constant need in my life
  26. Zipping zippers
    So satisfying