Five out of the many albums I've listened to this year

My goal is to listen to 365 (that I haven't yet listened to) in a year, here are some of my favorites out of the first 122
  1. Take Off Your Pants And Jacket - Blink 182
    Like a lot of albums I listen to, I had heard a couple songs from it, but not the whole thing in order. I was really missing out on some great music. Favorite song: The Rock Show
  2. The Stranger - Billy Joel
    I listened to eight of his albums and they were all fantastic, but The Stranger had the most of the best. Billy is an amazing storyteller with his music. Favorite song: Vienna
  3. The Story So Far - The Story So Far
    I love this band so much. They were crazy creative when writing this album. Perfect for a blue mood. Favorite song: Nerve
  4. New Perspective - Cole Rolland.
    This guy has been a big inspiration of mine for guitar playing for several years now. I remember his first videos on YouTube and now he's got his own EP and sponsorships with EMG and ESP. Having exchanged words a couple times, I know he's a super humble and kind dude. Favorite song: Wasting Away
  5. Chance The Rapper - Coloring Book
    I'll be honest I'm not an avid hip hop listener, but I've heard enough to know that this one is special. It's spiritual, soulful, and just puts you in a great mood. Favorite song: Same Drugs