It's currently 3:04 AM and I am not sleeping... Why?...
  1. Post-concert sadness
  2. Sleep is for the weak
    If you're reading this, you are STRONG
  3. I downloaded this app and am now obsessed
    Thanks Matt
  4. I'm hungry
    Giphy downsized medium
    I would have to go downstairs and that's not happening
  5. Maybe I am asleep and I don't know it
    Hey subconscious, why are we dreaming about writing lists?
  6. In the present I was about to be in a car crash and now I'm reliving some of my memories
    This must be an important memory for me to be living in it
  7. I discovered I am actually an owl and therefore nocturnal
    Hoot was not a good movie 1/5 stars
  8. My eyes are physically incapable of shutting
    Maybe the least likely of reasons, but I'm not ruling anything out