1. Ice Cube = Wordsworth
    Hard core early street cred is followed by incredible success and longevity, later career choices make younger generations question them. Better to burn out than to fade away?...
  2. Biggie Smalls = William Blake
    Young artist whose seminal efforts make him seem like a much older fore-father. Untouchable, mythic, essential.
  3. Nas = Percy Shelley
    Young rebel shows up, fucks shit up, the game is never the same.
  4. Tupac = John Keats
    Tragic poet whose unapologetically florid approach to his art either offends or entrances; taken from us too young.
  5. Jay-Z = George Gordon, Lord Byron
    A debonair criminal whose every move the press salivates over, his work might not strike you as original, but you know it in your bones.
  6. Faith Evans = Mary Shelley
    Forever overshadowed, despite "Frankenstein." Bow down.
  7. P. Diddy = Leigh Hunt
    Hustler best known for fostering other's talent, but whose own work should not be overlooked. Mostly know for just being around a lot, talks a mad game.
  8. DMX = Samuel Taylor Coleridge
    Dude was just sort of scary, okay?