These shall be ranked from most badass to least badass @bjnovak
  1. Third degree burns
    Oh what a guy. Did he get those burns running through fire? Being in a fiery car crash? Fighting a dragon? He's the man
  2. Black eye
    Nothing says "I am badass" like a black eye
  3. Broken arm
    I'm tough, but mysterious
  4. Broken leg
    Same as a broken arm, but mobility issues.
  5. Scraped knee
    Awww did you fall off your scooter?
  6. Stubbed toe
    Awww did you accidentally walk into a wall?
  7. First degree burns
    Embarrassing, either get third degree burns or none at all you piece of trash
  8. Death
    Badass people do not die. Death is failure. They are immortal