@katrinacullingworth is scared that people will try and slide into her list DMs
  1. Her falling off a cliff
    A personal favourite
  2. Katrina smelling (or eating?) the flowers
  3. I tried to take a sexy and styling picture of her, but my shadow got in the way
    Honestly lets face it, my shadow turns it from an 8 to a solid 10/10
  4. Eye love her
    I'll be here all night folks
  5. Little mini Katrina skating
    I can totally beat her in a race and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise
  6. Teeth as white as ice cream
    Just kidding its frozen yogurt...who do you think she is?!?? Shame on you
  7. No caption needed
  8. You didn't think I'd finish this list without a picture of her face, did you?