Hair, hypocrisy, humor and a short history in the grand cosmos, humans are weird wild and whacky.
  1. Wheat
    Wheat. Holy crap do we love this stuff. Humans, thanks to our love of this grain, have taken it from being this obscure little plant in the Middle East to the most successful plant species on the planet. It's shaped our world, societies and allowed us to conquer the globe with it. You didn't know being gluten free was being such a counter culture rebel did you?
  2. Gods
    Mythology. The power of shared beliefs. (More of that under money) My God we love Gods. Plural theistic Romans and Vikings to god loving jihadists and Christians, the amount of inventions and evolutions of mythology is staggering. The fact humans decide to kill each other for not only believing in different gods (Christianity vs Muslim vs Judaism) but different variations of the same God (Sunni/Shite Catholic/Protestant) points to ridiculous levels of hypocrisy. But we LOVE em don't we?
  3. Culture
    "This is my culture man". No it's not. Okay that's not fair, that is your culture, but there is a 100% chance that your "culture" has changed and evolved and that "your" culture is probably only a few generations deep at the most. 500 years ago there was no tomato sauce in Italy, potatoes in Ireland or chilies in India. Even religion goes through massive overhauls and augmentation to reflect outside influences. Your culture is an evolution and that's a good thing. Think LGBQT rights.
  4. Money
    The only thing to cross every political and theological divide. Money. Used in the name of gods and wars and weekend trips to Palm Springs. This invention of the human collective only has value cause we say it does but yet this frivolous concoction is responsible for more drama, damage and destruction than anything else. Think of your own life and how many times money has stressed you the fuck out. What an odd game of pretend this is.
  5. Anxiety
    We like to think of ourselves as top dog on this planet, top of the food chain. Why on earth if we're so big and bold are we such a nervous and anxiety filled species? Well maybe because we're like any nervous primate in the jungle where the only good snake is a dead snake. Only problem is we're really good at killing snakes. Whoops now there are no snakes and a whole lotta rats. Now we hate rats they eat my wheat... KILL ALL THE RATS! Lions don't kill everything in their path. They chill.
  6. Dogs
    You have to ask yourself how cool things would be if we first domesticated Lions... Our seemingly primal attachment to these furry fellas seems engrained into our psychology. But what we've done to the "dog" in the last 200 years of selective breeding says a whole lot about us. The poor species look now like an mad scientist went to work and classic "dog" is almost unrecognizable. They are forcibly grotesque compared to their original form and we lap it up.
  7. Hair
    Wow. We do a lot of things with our hair. And all of it. up top down low the variations of our grooming seems endless. There is no standard "lion mane" level of attractiveness. We'll try and do anything. Shave it, dye it, perm it, straighten it... What's the deal with our hair. I kinda want to teach a chimp to use clippers to see what they'd come up with.
  8. Art
    Growing up the word artist was a dirty word to me. somebody who was a snob and full of themselves. As I grew older I have begun to feel that all life is art as is how we choose to live it. Now if that isn't a first world thought? But our art is a window into truly what we are as a species. That is both horrifying and so incredibly profound but it consistently leaves me speechless. We really are beautiful apes.
  9. Love
    What a powerful force this is. I can't help but think of the evolutionary biology and how this came to be. That is a wild alchemy. L Thank goodness it did as it certainly creates enough drama to keep us all entertained. I wrote this list from the perspective that I often feel, separate, removed, detached from humanity. The thing that always reminds me that I am all part of all this is love. For all its pain and joy, it's what really makes me feel Human.