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  1. "Your sister Kaleesi was always the trouble maker"
  2. "We knew the government could archive and look at our dick pics, but we didn't care it was the 'trending teens' "
  3. "Full House was better the second time around".
  4. " oh emm gee "
  5. "Back when I was a kid you had to use your phone to take pictures"
  6. "Grandma swiped right and here we are"
  7. "If I dressed like that as a kid I would have got shot by the police."
  8. "We said Yolo... But we didn't understand the risks of adult onset diabetes"
  9. "We used to poop into perfectly good drinking water and didn't think nothing of it"
  10. "We had to learn how to drive cars and we crashed them all the time"
  11. "Full House was better the 3rd time around"
  12. "we thought chemotherapy actually worked."
    Suggested by @miggles36
  13. "No worries, we can just print a new eye for you."
    Suggested by @EricElkins