Requested by @maya
  1. That suturing two pieces of intestine together is really freaking hard.
  2. Steven Soderbergh likes meatloaf, pistachios and pretzels.
  3. I'm not as fond of breakfast burritos as I used to be
  4. People used to wear really uncomfortable clothes.
  5. Shooting 11 and 3/4 pages in 10 hours is not impossible
  6. Steven Soderbergh likes Dr. Pepper after lunch, while Clive Owen is a Diet Coke guy.
  7. That I REALLY like being on time and prefer to be at work 10 minutes early.
  8. There is always "just one more round" when drinking with Michael Angarano.
  9. Singani 63, the Bolivian brandy and I are not friends. That shit fucks you up.
  10. There is such a thing as too much coffee in the morning
  11. It is possible and quite likely that Steven Soderbergh is a filmmaking robot sent from the future that is fueled solely on meatloaf, pistachios, pretzels, dr. Pepper and Singani 63
  12. That it was the best job I've ever had and quite likely will ever have.