Inspired by @hollis
  1. Plays it cool
  2. Loses cool and is way to excited to be out
  3. Regains cool and tries to steer conversation to serious issues like himself.
  4. Realizes he's talking about himself so overcompensates by only talking about you
  5. Gets way to excited about you
  6. Part of me falls I love with you, "you are so cool and awesome"
  8. "Let's get one more"
  9. "No I couldn't possibly sing at karaoke"
  10. Okay NOW let's get one moar.
  11. "I fucking love karaoke!"
  12. "No I couldn't possibly dance"
  13. "SHOTS!!! No you're doing one, you're doing shots....SHOTS!"
  14. "I fucking love dancing!"
  15. "I need to unbutton my shirt one button...... No maybe two....."
  16. kiss boys
    Suggested by @miggles36
  17. "Whaddaya mean last call? Fucking bull shit...."
  18. "How does....where does?..... I live um..... You wait.... You know any drive throughs open right now cabby guy cab guy?"
  19. "I want all the food items !!!!!"
  20. "Om nom nom nom mmmm McNuggets nom nom"
  21. *falls asleep in front of Netflix*