1. Belle
    Yes the animated character from Disney's movie beauty and the beast.
  2. Marlene Lansdale
    She was cool and tall and beautiful all while wearing glasses, if I couldn't be with her, I wanted to be her. I was 7.
  3. Ramona Quimby
    Precocious and fun. In the second grade we had to dress like a character in the book we were reading. I purposely read Ramona Quimby book, borrowed a dress from a friend and went to school as my best Ramona. I wish there was a picture.
  4. Candice Bergen
    Funny. Brilliant and my god I saw her once while hiking in LA and she was just luminous, this when she was in her sixties.
  5. Harper Lee
    I wanted those words to be mine. I wanted that story to come from me.
  6. Charlize Theron
    Because of all the things. All of them.
  7. Christine Sinclair
    She is the greatest soccer player Canada has ever produced. She's the Wayne Gretzky of women's soccer and she's just dynamite. She blew me away at as an 18yr old and still does. Amazing athleticism. Wish I could do that.
  8. Angelina Jolie
    Really all of the things. All of them .