I've stayed in a few airbnb's in my time. Here are some of the lowlights.
  1. Norman and Manhattan in Brooklyn
    Was here for way too long with a radiator that sang like a tea kettle every 15 minutes and I shared a bathroom. Yup. Best part was that the Korean tourists didn't know how a shower curtain worked and left it on the outside of the tub and I'd walk into an inch and a half of water.
  2. Santa Monica and the 101 Los Angeles
    Said it was Korea town... It really wasn't. Place was okay except for the rampant gang activity that surrounded me on all sides. The neighborhood switched who controlled it from the local gang to notorious Mexican prison gang MS 13. Fun fun times. Sirens and helicopters all night long. I also had a serious "cop" haircut at the time making me stand out even more in "da hood". "Oh excuse me that's your parking spot? All yours." And it always felt like little bugs were crawling on me at night.
  3. Huron and Manhattan Brooklyn.
    This place was fine.... I mean the shower felt as though someone was peeing on you as there was no water pressure, then there were the cockroaches and the mouse I saw sitting on the stove but... Other than that.
  4. Clay St. Brooklyn
    Place had this awesome outdoor patio in its photos... The photos must have been from three years earlier as it was falling apart and the cubicle of apartment that had room for the bed and a single chair didn't compensate for the shit patio on rainy days. Hey at least I had my own bathroom.
  5. Venice
    Loved the apartment. Only later found out it was situated on one of the deadliest streets in LA. Good thing I didn't flip that driver off.