Current TV shows that I'm watching

TV, not streaming
  1. The Carmichael Show
    This is the show I've most recently started watching. It has quickly become my favorite. Good comedy with brilliant commentary on current event issues. They have a great ability to bring about political awareness through the medium of humor.
  2. Last Week Tonight w/ John Oliver
    John Oliver gained more attention after his "Make America Drumpf Again" campaign went viral, but this comic has been offering witty social commentary with insightful humor for years now. It is my guilty pleasure every Sunday night.
  3. Modern Family
    This sitcom has done a lot for us in the last decade. It testifies to the universality of love and family no matter what that family might look like. Hilarious and poignant in its contribution to society.
  4. The Middle
    This feels like the last traditional family sitcom on television. Wholesome storylines and great acting.
  5. Vice
    Outstanding journalism and interesting storytelling every week. Sure, there is a left leaning (as is everything on HBO), but they get the stories done right and they are great at what they do.
  6. Arrow
    Been watching this show from the beginning. I think that's the only reason I'm still watching - because I have to finish. It has really taken a downward turn since the end of season 2.
  7. Big Bang Theory
  8. Jeopardy
    Don't forget about the classic mainstay, Jeopardy. Although I could do without Trebeck.