Here's a list of NFL teams ranked from my favorite to most hated. And a favorite player in my lifetime from each, if possible.
  1. Philadelphia Eagles
    Donovan Mcnabb/Brian Dawkins
  2. Carolina Panthers
    Steve Smith
  3. Miami Dolphins
    Zach Thomas
  4. Indianapolis Colts
    Peyton Manning
  5. Kansas City Chiefs
    Tony Gonazalez
  6. Denver Broncos
    Shannon Sharpe
  7. Detroit Lions
    Matthew Stafford
  8. Los Angeles Rams
    Marshall Faulk
  9. Minnesota Vikings
    Daunte Culpepper
  10. Atlanta Falcons
  11. San Francisco 49ers
    Jerry Rice
  12. Chicago Bears
    Brian Urlacher
  13. Buffalo Bills
    Troy Vincent (since I couldn't list him on Eagles)
  14. Houston Texans
    Andre Johnson
  15. Tennessee Titans
    Eddie George/Steve McNair
  16. Seattle Seahawks
    Shaun Alexander
  17. New York Jets
  18. San Diego Chargers
    Ladanian Tomlinson
  19. Arizona Cardinals
    Larry Fitzgerald
  20. Oakland Raiders
  21. Tampa Bay Buccanears
    Mike Alstott
  22. Jacksonville Jaguars
  23. Cleveland Browns
  24. Cincinnati Bengals
    AJ Green
  25. Pittsburgh Steelers
    Hines Ward
  26. Baltimore Ravens
  27. New Orleans Saints
  28. Green Bay Packers
    Donald Driver
  29. New York Giants
    Jeremy Shockey
  30. Washington Redskins
  31. New England Patriots
  32. Dallas Cowboys
    Quincy Carter