This weekend I cleaned out my desk that I used in high school.
  1. Teen Me: I need this magazine photo of Eddie Vedder!
    Adult self: No you don't (but you have many more decorating the inside of the locker of your heart)
  2. Teen Me: I might need the original copy of my SAT scores for, like, jobs or something.
    Adult self: Nope! (Face down into the recycling)
  3. Teen Me: The dance photo that convinced me I was ugly
    Adult self: It's not a great photo. Im wearing way too much hair product/make up, but this photo inspired a heap of negative self talk that it shouldn't have. As a kid: you looked like a kid. And you were adorable.
  4. Teen Me: Adults don't throw away their bank statements so neither will I!
    Adult me: DAMMIT TEEN ME! My butt and lower back both ache from sitting cross-legged and sifting through this shit!! *shred*
  5. Teen Me: Even though I was just wait listed, I'm keeping the letter from this big school because it's pretty cool I went for that
    Adult self: You went on to do way more than you ever planned/foresaw. This is not a trophy of the one time you tried, but evidence that you've been reaching for more for a very long time. PS stop being such a sucker for a fancy letterhead
  6. Teen Me: This is a card from a boy who wrote IN WRITING that he cared for me. Keep this. Forever.
    Adult Me: ... Who the Hell wrote this?
  7. Teen Me: Argh! I need to keep this recommended reading list from Honors English and work my way through it as that would be very impressive and valuable!
    Adult self: you'll never read THE RED BADGE OF COURAGE. Deal with it. ♻️
  8. Teen Me: I should keep multiple copies of my most current resume printed on quality paper.
    Adult self: I once had a resume that listed "busser/hostess" as my "objective" and listed my previous work experience as whether it was paid (P) or volunteer (V) ♻️
  9. Teen Me: I love this journal, but it's way too beautiful to write in!
    Adult self: why do I do this?!?
  10. Teen Me: I need to get this permission slip signed so I can tour the funeral home....
    Adult Self: The Catholic Church is disturbing ♻️
  11. Teen Me: These Super Mario Bros Stickers are fantastic and I'm only going to use them on my best friends!
    Adult Me: These Super Mario Bros Stickers are fantastic and I'm only going to use them on my best friends!
  12. 🍄🌟👸🔥🐲