TAL and SERIAL are just a given so don't look for them. Recommendations appreciated!
  1. WTF
    The Louis C.K. Episode is basically The Great American Novel for your ears. The Dr. Drew is also very powerful. Obama is great- ITS ALL JUST GREAT!
  2. Lore
    So. Fucking. Spooky.
  3. The Gist
    You don't need coffee in the morning when Mike Pesca's voice can jolt your brain into panic - and blast paint from a rusty boat hull. God help you when you miss a reference mid riff because once he goes on a tangent there is no coming back. But now I can drop the word "vexillology" into every day conversation with full confidence.
  4. The Frame
    It's a daily 20 minute summary of film, arts, and entertainment out of LA for something a little different.
  5. Here's The Thing
    Alec Baldwin says stuff in your ears. What else do you want.
  6. Wait Wait Don't Tell Me
    A hilarious way to keep up on current events. Plus it's always nice to know that Paula Poundstone isn't simply trapped in a Clinton-era comedy special VHS somewhere.
  7. Our National Conversation about Conversations about Race
    Because to pretend I am not a privileged white girl would be magnificently stupid.
  8. Reply All
    They cast a wide net while discussing the Internet (no pun intended), but this never fails to fascinate.
  9. Criminal
    Sometimes the shadow of the system is colder than the prison.
  10. She Does
    Women talking to women who do cool stuff. YAY!
  11. Freakanomics
    I like to imagine I'm a full on 1970s era pimp with a Samuel L Jackson cadence, decked out in a knee-length coat with a popped collar as I dance to the theme song. And then learn about how World Bank is like my sleep habits. Or something.
  12. 99% Invisible
    Chairs are killing us.
  13. DoubleX Gabfest
    Ladies talking to ladies about how ladies are depicted/advancing/regressing in stuff. YAY!
  14. On Being
    Save money on therapy and just listen to Krista Tippett.
  15. How Did This Get Made
    Comedic podcast that watches old B movies and asks "How Did This Get Made." The episodes of DEMOLITION MAN and HALLOWEEN III have actually made me stop and laugh out loud.
  16. RadioLab
    History keeps twisted secrets and these dudes tear open its diary.
  17. Stephen Colbert: The Late Show Podcast
    Right now it's just him yabbering on about his upcoming show but the fake sponsors he has for his podcast are worth listening to alone! I appreciate this because he shows how the creativity of process is as important as the product. Whatever: it's 25 min long so it's perfect for doing dishes on a Sat morning.
  18. Think Again
    Smart people asking smart people to respond to some other smart person's idea. YAY!
  19. Fresh Air
    DUH, what am I a robot? Don't be a jackass.
  20. Gilmore Guys
    I hate this show because I feel the guys who host it just started it to have a "thing" in LA thus they don't have great insights into the show/their tangents are SOOOOO LONG AND LAME but I love that they inadvertently helped to create demand for a GILMORE GIRLS reunion.