Below, our five highlights from 'Grease: Live' that made this trip to Rydell High different from the rest."
  1. "Freddy My Love"
    In a striking moment of live ingenuity, Frenchy’s bedroom suddenly became Marty’s fantasy USO show, and one of Grease’s unsung gems became the first defining number of Fox’s adaptation.
  2. "Greased Lightnin'"
    Plenty of pressure was riding on arguably the most well-known number in the show (emphasis on arguably!), and Fox’s telecast didn’t pretend the greaser garage number was anything but critical for those three minutes of song-and-dance.
  3. "Those Magic Changes"
    “Magic Changes” was grounded by Jordan Fisher’s vocals, bolstered by Tveit’s expediency, and made all the more impressive by the telecast’s live nature, but most importantly, it was given a crucial and much-needed sense of belonging in the story.
  4. Danny and Sandy's Hand Jive Dance Break
    Rydell’s teenage soul is most on display at the nationally televised dance, of which “Born to Hand Jive” is the de facto centerpiece. While the entire sequence worked as a telecast highlight itself, there was a brief stretch of about 20 seconds when Julianne Hough and Aaron Tveit mirrored Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta’s dance break and, at the risk of hyperbolic praise, proved exactly why they deserved to inherit the roles.
  5. The Supporting Players
    Elle McLemore’s obnoxious cheerleader Patty Simcox, Haneefah Wood’s bumbling secretary Blanche, and Ana Gasteyer’s high-strung Principal McGee all filled the musical margins with comedy, camp, and, in the case of Didi Conn’s tear-inducing wave of nostalgia as waitress Vi, certain surprising emotional resonance.