It's the 10th anniversary of this Disney Channel Original Movie! Let's take a trip back to East High with these crazy Wildcats.
  1. "What I've Been Looking For"
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    Siblings shouldn't be singing this.
  2. "What I've Been Looking For (Reprise)"
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    It's still not the most inventive song in the bunch, but it is less creepy now, and that two-part harmony can only mean good things for Troy and Gabriella's audition prospects.
  3. "When There Was Me and You"
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    This song is a triumph: of language, of the human spirit, and of making the most of a high school hallway.
  4. "Bop to the Top"
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    "Show some muscle/ do the hustle."
  5. "Start of Something New"
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    Troy and Gabriella's meet-cute is also the greatest karaoke success story of our time.
  6. "We're All In This Together"
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    Like you don't know the choreography.
  7. "Get'cha Head in the Game"
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    The pièce de résistance of this little number is Troy's oh-so-dramatic solo, which works because our hearts are in the song, too.
  8. "Stick to the Status Quo"
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    This song is an ode to the lie that anyone really fits in—and if no one fits in, everyone does. Also, it’s really catchy.
  9. "Breaking Free"
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    Do you have chills yet? Even Ms. Darbus can feel it.