As the year comes to a close, we’ve rounded up our favorite shipper moments, from kisses 💋 to proposals 💍 and everything in between.
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    Claire Chooses Jamie, 'Outlander'
    With a husband in the past and a husband in the future, Claire is constantly driven by love. But after she spent most of the first season trying to return home to Frank, she was forced to choose when Jamie brought her back to the stones which got her into this mess in the first place. Jamie said his goodbye, leaving Claire to decide which life—and which man—made her happy. She returned to Jamie and asked him to take her home to Lallybroch.
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    FitzSimmons Kiss, 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'
    It was the kiss heard round the world...and one that was 50+ episodes in the making. After being separated by everything from abductions to planets, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s best friend duo of Fitz and Simmons finally came clean about their feelings and consummated their emotions in the form of a passionate kiss (twice!). Lab research never felt so satisfying.
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    Mindy Tells Danny She's Pregnant, 'The Mindy Project'
    Mindy knew how Danny felt about marriage, so telling him about their unexpected pregnancy wasn't exactly easy. Lucky for the doctor, Danny's mother, Annette, ended up spilling the beans. Danny's reaction was not what you'd expect from the sometimes hot-headed man who sees no point in marriage. (Or at least he didn't at that point.) In the end, he decided to simply tell his beautiful girlfriend, "We're a family."
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    Oliver Chooses Felicity, 'Arrow'
    2015 was a big year for Olicity shippers. From Oliver and Felicity's first sex scene to the recent proposal—which, yes, ended disastrously—Olicity fans no longer had to accept the occasional longing glance or faked "I love you." But even with all of that, the moment that really stood out was when Oliver decided to let go of the Arrow in order to be with Felicity.
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    Halstead and Lindsay Kiss, 'Chicago P.D.'
    As partners, it's expected for Halstead and Lindsay to have a connection. But from day one of 'Chicago P.D.', it was evident that these two liked each other just a little bit more than friends typically do. Yet, thanks to a very protective—and scary—Sergeant Voight, Halstead and Lindsay were forced to keep their relationship strictly least until she left the Intelligence Unit and the two finally gave into their desires.
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    Jackson and April Sleep Together, 'Grey's Anatomy'
    When season 11 ended with Jackson telling April to go to the Army—and that he wouldn't be there when she got back—Japril shippers had to face the idea that their favorite marriage could be coming to an end. But when April returned, she was more determined than ever that she and Jackson were meant to be. She fought for their love, right up until Jackson finally gave in, if only temporarily, and the two slept together. Perhaps this marriage isn't a lost cause, after all.
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    Clarke and Lexa Kiss, 'The 100'
    When Lexa first showed up in 'The 100's second season, fans were already inclined to like her: She's the badass commander of the 12 Clans, what's not to love? But when Lexa opens up to Clarke about her deceased lover, Costia, fans envisioned a Lexa-Clarke romance, and Clexa was born. It didn't take too long for those shipper fantasies to play out
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    Romero Tells Norma She's Beautiful, 'Bates Motel'
    Norma Bates and Sheriff Alex Romero—it's an unlikely couple: Her son's a killer, and he's a cop. But somehow, these two have bonded in a way that drives shippers crazy. Their chemistry is undeniable, and yet, three seasons in, they've still never even kissed. However, fans finally got validation that it wasn't all in their heads when Romero and Norma shared a moment in one of her motel rooms.
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    Barry and Iris Kiss, 'The Flash'
    Once Barry finally told Iris how he felt, it set something in motion. And with a literal tidal wave heading for Central City, Iris confessed that she too felt something for Barry. The couple shared their first—and so far, only—kiss. The bad news? Barry then discovered that he could travel through time...and accidentally traveled back to a time before the kiss.
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    Sheldon and Amy Have Sex, 'The Big Bang Theory'
    Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler have never had the most traditional relationship—they met online because his friends and her mother forced each of them to join a dating site—but that's never stopped us from rooting for them. Whether it's no-hands kissing on the train or a romantic Vapor Rub on the chest, everything they've done is perfectly awkward and chaste...until now. The nerdy duo finally did the deed.
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    Jane and Kurt Kiss, 'Blindspot'
    It's not everyday that you meet a woman with your name tattooed across her back. For Kurt Weller, meeting Jane was the beginning of a beautiful relationship...and a very complicated mystery. After building tension all season long, 'Blindspot's midseason finale forced Jane to realize that life is too precious to hide feelings. So with that in mind, she finally kissed Kurt, and let's just say she's not likely to forget it.
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    Jane (Briefly) Chooses Michael, 'Jane the Virgin'
    Team Michael or Team Rafael? It's the question that 'Jane the Virgin' posed since its pilot, but it wasn't until season 2, when Jane had Mateo and was officially single that she had to answer that question. It came down to the kisses: Which one rocked her world? Spoiler: It was Michael. After kissing her ex-fiancé, Jane realized that she was meant to be with Michael. Sadly for shippers, the reunion was short-lived, but it was memorable nonetheless.
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    Olivia and Fitz Kiss, 'Scandal'
    If there's any television relationship that can be deemed "complicated," it's most definitely that of Olivia Pope and POTUS Fitzgerald Grant. After four seasons of will-they-won't-they kisses, secret rendezvous, and break-ups, Olivia finally showed up at the White House ready to accept that she wanted a life with Fitz. As she told him when they kissed, it's finally their chance to do whatever they want.
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    Liv and Major Get Back Together, 'iZombie'
    Nothing can break up a happy couple like one of the two becoming a zombie, but somehow, Liv and Major found a way even around that hurdle. It took a while: First, Liv had to come clean about the whole zombie thing, then Major had to come around to the idea of dating a zombie. But finally, in season 2, Major showed up on Liv's doorstep asking for help...and reigniting a flame that never really burned out.
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    Connor Moves in With Oliver, 'How to Get Away with Murder'
    For Connor, dealing with Annalise and all that entails can take a toll, which makes Oliver his safe place. That's why it was so touching when Connor decided to abandon his old ways and accept a life of domesticity with the man he loves.
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    Schmidt Proposes to Cece, 'New Girl'
    For a while there, it seemed like Cece and Schmidt were destined to never romantically reunite—until Schmidt found out that Cece was indeed in love with him, and subsequently sprung into action to surprise her with a proposal as soon as she returned from a solo retreat. Lucky for him, she said yes.
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    Peggy and Stan Declare Their Love, 'Mad Men'
    'Mad Men': prestige drama turned...rom-com? In one of the series’ final moments, Stan and Peggy declared their love for one another (over the phone, in typical Stan and Peggy fashion) before embracing in a passionate kiss. Although its gooey optimism didn’t exactly jell with the rest of the finale—or the show in general—it did satisfy any viewers who were waiting for these two pals to finally get together after seasons of hints.
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    Delena's Goodbye/Steroline's Hello, 'The Vampire Diaries'
    'The Vampire Diaries' season 6 finale was all about saying goodbye to Elena. There was nothing more beautiful than watching Damon and Elena dance—and confess their love for each other—one last time before she took a 50-year magical slumber. That moment was only made better when it was cut together with Stefan showing up at Caroline's house, declaring his love for her, and promising to wait for her, no matter how long it took her to heal from losing her mother.
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    Jake and Amy Kiss, 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'
    Peralta and Santiago kissed not once, not twice, but three(!) times while working undercover as engaged couple Johnny and Dora—to avoid blowing their cover, naturally—but officially went from will-they-or-won’t-they to eeeeeeeeep they are! when the pair (as themselves, this time) locked lips in the evidence locker during the show’s season 2 finale.
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    Deacon Proposes to Rayna, 'Nashville'
    Deacon and Rayna have history: They were engaged when they were younger, but thanks to Deacon's struggle with alcoholism, Rayna ended up marrying and starting a family with Teddy. Then she got a divorce. Then we realized that her first child was actually Deacon's. Four seasons in, and the couple has managed to find their way back to each other, completing their journey with another marriage proposal.
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    Klaus and Cami Kiss, 'The Originals'
    If ever there were a bittersweet kiss, it'd be this one. After three seasons of building a relationship between Cami, the human therapist, and Klaus, the all-powerful immortal hybrid, 'The Originals' gave fans what they'd been asking for: Klaus let his guard down, told Cami how he felt, and kissed her. Sadly, the kiss was followed by a murder, and it just so happened that Cami was the murder victim. So it turns out that Klaus' love is powerful...but perhaps not as powerful as his crazy ex-gf.
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    Castle and Beckett Reconcile, 'Castle'
    When Beckett decided that she and Castle should take some time off, fans realized that even marriage couldn't guarantee happiness for their favorite couple. Thankfully, Beckett only ended it to protect Castle, which meant that a reunion was inevitable. And in the midseason finale for season 8, Castle and Beckett celebrated their first wedding anniversary with the greatest gift of all: reconciliation.