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  1. January
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    Hanging with BFFs Haim in Maui
  2. February
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    New pal Sam Smith gushes, "Taylor Swift is amazing!"
  3. March
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    Taylor played with Madonna at the iHeartRadio Awards... #MyFanGirlLife.
  4. April
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    A Nashville birthday bash with the Kings of Leon? Total FOMO.
  5. May
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    "This is such a good night! What even!," Tay exclaimed upon winning 8 Billboard Music Awards.
  6. June
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    NBD, just boating along the Thames with Joe Jonas, Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss, and Calvin Harris.
  7. July
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    "Friendly relations between Scotland and America." Enough said.
  8. August
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    Giving us the ultimate squad goals at the VMAs.
  9. September
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    Casually rocking out to "Satisfaction" with Mick Jagger.
  10. October
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    Meredith may or may not be "allergic to joy," jokes Taylor.
  11. November
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    Performing "Let It Go" with Idina Menzel... and the 55,000 fans who sang along.
  12. December
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    Kicking back with a cockatoo in Australia, because #squawkgoals. Obviously.