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  1. Kasey Kahl ('The Bachelorette,' Season 6)
    Kahl went so far as to get a six-inch tattoo on his wrist of a rose and heart behind the protection of a shield. "I'm wearing my heart and my emotions literally on my sleeve."
  2. Erica Rose ('The Bachelor,' Season 9)
    The then-23-year-old Rose listed her official Bachelor season 9 title as "Socialite," but soon became one of the most valuable players of the franchise, crown and all.
  3. Ashley Salter ('The Bachelor,' Season 19)
    Salter got camera time as she marveled over a pomegranate she mistook for an onion.
  4. Michelle Money ('The Bachelor,' Season 15)
    The 15th season of 'The Bachelor' found its token villain in Michelle Money.
  5. Courtney Robertson ('The Bachelor,' Season 16)
    Robertson took a page out of Money's book, she didn't bond with the other contestants and put them off with her blind confidence in her TV relationship.
  6. Justin Rego ('The Bachelorette,' Season 6)
    The Canadian wrestler was taken out of the running when a woman contacted the Bachelorette and said she was Rego's girlfriend back home.
  7. Rozlyn Papa ('The Bachelor,' Season 14)
    Papa was accused of having an "inappropriate relationship" with one of the male producers, and was soon kicked out of the mansion.
  8. Tierra Licausi ('The Bachelor,' Season 17)
    Stepping into the villain shoes, LiCausi had a dramatic run on the show, complete with visits from paramedics, spats with fellow contestants, and strategic attention-getting stunts.
  9. Brooks Forester ('The Bachelorette,' Season 9)
    Forester shocked viewers when he told the Bachelorette he wasn't in love with her and was leaving before the final rose ceremony.
  10. Kelsey Poe ('The Bachelor,' Season 19)
    A widow, Poe raised eyebrows when she spoke of her husband's death as an "amazing" story.
  11. Nick Viall ('The Bachelorette,' Season 10/11)
    Nick Viall just couldn't get enough.
  12. Stacey Elza ('The Bachelor', Season 12)
    The Chicagoan grad student never made it past the first week but left a lasting impression after partaking in a bit too much of the show's open bar.
  13. Madison Garton ('The Bachelor,' Season 15)
    Garton made quite the first impression in the show's 15th season thanks to a pair of fangs.
  14. Wes Hayden ('The Bachelorette,' Season 5)
    The musician seemingly did not come on the show for the "right reasons," and was accused of not only having a girlfriend back home but also seeking publicity for his music through the show.
  15. Bentley Williams ('The Bachelorette,' Season 7)
    Williams quit in the show's third week, admitting that he wasn't attracted to the Bachelorette.
  16. Trish Schneider ('The Bachelor,' Season 5)
    Schneider found scandal with her colorful past and choice to wear a shirt that said, "Gold Digger—Like a hooker... just smarter," but took it to the next level when she did not leave without a fight.
  17. Olivia Caridi ('The Bachelor,' Season 20)
    Caridi enticed viewers with her open-mouth gapes, interest in talking about "smart things," and dramatic end when she was left alone on a deserted beach in week six.