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  1. 25.
    One of the most iconically tragic pop stars of the new millennium, rendered here in a just askew image. The perfect tantalizing shot for this tantalizingly searching documentary.
  2. 24.
    And the prize for "Best Use of Negative Space" goes to this unexpectedly low-key poster from Marvel Studios.
  3. 23.
    The Martian
    Beloved movie star. Simple concept. Good tagline. The easy victories are the hardest to come by.
  4. 22.
    Big star. Concept? Tagline? No need.
  5. 21.
    By the Sea
    Big stars? Sure, but more importantly: How about those hats! As an act of marketing, it's a complete self-immolation, but it's one of the year's most dorm-worthy one-sheets.
  6. 20.
    Captain America: Civil War
    Another adventurous poster from Marvel, albeit with more blunt-force power. Then again, when your two most financially successful superheroes are facing off in one movie, maybe blunt-force is the best force.
  7. 19.
    Point Break
    Planes! A flying money mountain! When you're selling a remake nobody wanted, best to go as big and goofy as possible.
  8. 18.
    Mad Max: Fury Road
  9. 17.
    Rock the Kasbah
    As a movie, 'Rock the Kasbah' is a snooze. But as an opportunity for the further sanctification of Bill Murray as the Saint of Memes, at least the movie produced this gloriously colorful poster.
  10. 16.
    Pitch Perfect 2
    Nothing can hold back the exultant power of the Barden Bellas. (Not even some odd skin-smoothing photoshop.)
  11. 15.
    Steve Jobs
    As subtle as the movie isn't.
  12. 14.
    The unfurling nightmare of Denis Villeneuve's borderland drug thriller gets encapsulated perfectly in this epic rendition, with relative innocent Emily Blunt backgrounding images of a weaponized Josh Brolin and Benicio Del Toro.
  13. 13.
    Straight Outta Compton
    It's the Avengers, except real and with better music.
  14. 12.
    A captivating portrait of swooningly emotional, high-tension intimacy, this mother-son shot could be mistaken for a casual Instagram photo — except for the cubed corner of the sky, implying that even the outside world can feel like a prison.
  15. 11.
    The Hateful Eight
    The fine art of the illustrated poster has mostly faded into history. Thank goodness for history buff Quentin Tarantino, whose newest Western gets a groovily subdued, blood-on-the-snowscape poster.
  16. 10.
    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
    Yes, this poster for March's Batquel is a shameless riff on an iconic poster for 2008's beloved The Dark Knight. Yes, it still looks pretty nifty.
  17. 9.
    The Night Before
    Ugly Christmas Sweaters, a stained-glass-window aesthetic, and an embedded Christmas Carol reference in the tagline? Well done, boys. Well done.
  18. 8.
    Mission: Impossible—Rogue Nation
    Big star. Hanging off a plane. Are there planes in Joy? Don't think so.
  19. 7.
    Witness the moment when Amy Schumer went global.
  20. 6.
    The Visit
    Horror films often bring out the best in designers, encouraging clever and subtle imagery. That's especially true of this funny-weird quilt design.
  21. 5.
    Bone Tomahawk
    This poster is a pure wonder of retro '70s design, with the silhouetted face of kidnapped Samantha O'Dwyer etched in the red sun looking down on the men who could be her rescuers — or her fellow victims.
  22. 4.
    Furious Seven
    Crying now.
  23. 3.
    The year's must-see indie gets the year's must-put-on-your-wall poster, with stars Kitana Kiki Rodriguez and Mya Taylor etched in silhouette against the purple sunset of the SoCal skyline.
  24. 2.
    It Follows
    That most American of rituals — a boy, a girl, the back seat — rendered with lovingly freaky paranoid tension.
  25. 1.
    The Hunger Games: Mockingjay—Part 2
    How we will miss you, Hunger Games advertising campaigns, and your darkly comic riffs on political propaganda and Orwellian advertising!