'Varsity Blues' is officially old enough for its senior year! In celebration of this milestone, we've ranked seven spoofs and pop-culture references to the iconic scene. Call it the cherry on top of a birthday sundae. 🍒 http://bit.ly/206Gz6Q
  1. 'Below Deck'
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    Connie, one of the crewmembers on Bravo's luxury yacht reality show 'Below Deck,' wears a whipped cream bikini in a season 3 episode of the series. This comes in last place because Connie wasn’t explicitly spoofing 'Varsity Blues' or anything else; she was just drunk on a boat, covering herself with dessert topping.
  2. Katy Perry's "California Gurls" video
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    In her Candyland-themed "California Gurls" video, Perry climbs peppermint stick trees and crosses a licorice bridge in her quest to rescue her candy-coated girl squad from their bubblegum prisons and defeat Snoop Dogg's army of gummi bears. In the final sugary showdown, Perry brings out, uh, the big guns in the form of this whipped cream-spouting bikini top.
  3. 'Don't Trust the B---- in Apt. 23'
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    In one of the series' many meta jokes about Van Der Beek, who played a parody version of himself in the short-lived ABC sitcom, star Krysten Ritter wore a whipped cream bikini in this clever ad for the show’s second season.
  4. Avery Monsen
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    In this bizarre video, comedian Avery Monsen edited himself, wearing his own whipped cream bikini, into the original scene along with Larter and Van Der Beek. He gets bonus points for twirling, and for licking the leftovers off his fingers.
  5. The 1999 MTV Movie Awards
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    As one of a series of teen movie parody clips made to introduce the award presentations at the 1999 MTV Movie Awards, Alyson Hannigan and Jaime Pressly both covered themselves in whipped cream for this hilarious 'Varsity Blues'–'She's All That' mash-up spoof.
  6. 'Not Another Teen Movie'
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    Chris Evans' gender-swapped "banana split" version of the whipped cream bikini in high school parody 'Not Another Teen Movie' is the most famous spoof of the scene, and comes in a respectable second place. What would the rest of the Avengers say if they were to see Cap like this?!
  7. 'The Mindy Project'
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    After deciding that an actual whipped cream bikini is "too skanky" for Skype (in case the NSA or "that hot Edward Snowden guy" are watching), Mindy opts for a whipped cream one-piece to videochat with her boyfriend in a 2013 episode of the sitcom. Though her modest variation on Darcy's bikini does not have the desired effect, Mindy can be comforted that it wins our first prize for hilarity (and realism, as the scene ends with it attracting ants).