Based on your music, and top hits SPOTIFY will recommend playlist to follow. Much like the bizarre hyper-personal genres Netflix invents for each of us. These are the best titles.
  1. Songs For Your Chill Morning Jog
  2. Hipster-Cafe Jams to Write A ScreenPlay To
  3. Songs To Sip A Mug Of Coffee Using Both Hands While Staring Into The Distance To
  4. Indie-Rock Jams For Your Pre-Reunion Anxiety Attack
  5. Fuck Tunes '15
  6. Hands Up- Don't Sloop John B
  7. Wake Up And Panic!
  8. She Didn't Text Back but Everything's Gonna Be Chill- Mix
  9. You Should Really Open a Roth IRA soon
  10. Songs That Feature the N Word