Wait was he being a dick? If I say something am I being a dick?? Should I just let this one go?
  1. Boss
    Okay, Boss. Whatever you say, boss. Extra points if they use the DEFINITELY condescending variant: Hoss.
  2. Chief
    Thanks, chief.
  3. Guy
    Hey Guy?
  4. Bro
    If the way the person said it sounds like they would've used italics. Also if they pronounce it "Breh" or "brah"
  5. Buddy
  6. Sir
    Sir? SIR. That isn't a toilet, sir.
  7. Big guy
    Especially if you're not physically big OR a guy
  8. My Man
    I've probably made some irredeemable indiscretion of some kind and am most certainly about to get my punishment.
  9. Fella
    Hey nice jacket,Fella!
  10. Mr. President
    Oh come on!
  11. Officer
    No seriously, you're under arrest. Hey guys? GUYS. Okay I'm not gonna arrest you but you need to turn the music down, guys. GUYS!!