I haven't seen Star Wars the Force Awakens yet.
  1. Mad Max: Fury Road. I loved the visuals in this film, and the almost non-stop intense action. Especially considering most of it was real.
  2. Sicario. This movie was incredibly well done, from the suspenseful traffic scene in Juarez, to the badass character that Benicio Del Toro brought to life so well.
  3. The Martian. Although i found myself yawning through parts of this movie, it was well done, well acted, and hilarious at times.
  4. The Gift. Although this movie wasn't a very popular one, i thought Joel Edgerton's performance was amazing.
  5. The Visit. This movie took a very unique and new spin on the genre, as well as having lots of humor in between, making it a very interesting movie to watch.
  6. Chappie. While I thought that some of the actors weren't very good, this movie was very good and had some funny and heart warming scenes.