1. Mad Max: Fury Road. From massive dust storms, to exploding cars, this movie has it all.
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  2. Interstellar. Christopher Nolan never fails to impress. Interstellar is a masterpiece on every scale.
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  3. Lord of the Rings. The landscape is breath taking and makeup was very well done.
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  4. Exodus: Gods and Kings. The wave at the end was great.
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  5. Saving Private Ryan. This films intro does a great job showing how gruesome the invasion of Normandy was.
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  6. Everest. Especially in 3D, this movie will make you light headed, that is if you're afraid of heights of course.
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  7. The Thing (1982). This was one of the first horror movies i saw. And the effects are extremely well done for its time.
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  8. Gravity. While i thought this movie was a bit over-hyped, the visuals were worth the time.
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