A serious truth about healthy eating: It isn’t just what you eat, but how you eat. For more weight loss tips that will help flatten your belly, don't miss our exclusive tricks! http://bit.ly/1pddPMo
  1. Eat Before You Eat
    Bone broth.png large
    Eating a vegetable-based soup or a few tablespoons of hummus as a dip before your entree will take the edge off cravings (studies show that we’re hungrier before meals than before snacks). And added protein and fiber will help you feel fuller, ensuring that the night’s main event isn’t overeating.
  2. Have a Cheat Meal
    Burger hamburger with cheese
    It’s a basic principle of making healthy lifestyle changes, from working out to cutting back on booze: If you see it as depriving yourself, you’ll be less successful. Make sure it’s scheduled, and don’t let your “meal” stretch beyond one sitting into a full day.
  3. Eat Good Fats
    Avocado spinach
    Fats are not the enemy—they’re your first line of defense against overeating.
  4. Snack Regularly
    Mixed nut trail mix
    Smart snacking reduces bingeing at mealtime according to researchers at Mayo Clinic. It keeps blood-sugar levels stable and your metabolism humming, which prevents the body from storing fat.
  5. Plan Ahead
    Meal prep lead
    Making a weekly grocery list and meal plan won’t just reduce stress—it’ll whittle your waistline, too.
  6. Plate Your Food
    Plated food chicken duck
    Don’t scarf your meals in front of the refrigerator or hunched over the kitchen counter—you deserve better. Sitting down (imagine it!) to a plate of food that’s been given a little presentation will help with portion control, and studies suggest that visually appealing food stimulates digestion.
  7. Sneak Vegetables Into Every Meal
    Eggs peppers
    Vegetables are a weight-loss win-win: The fiber fills you up while the vitamins give you energy to burn fat.
  8. Avoid Distraction
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    There are two places you must put down the smartphone: In the car and at the dinner table. People who eat while distracted eat 10 percent more in one sitting than they would otherwise.
  9. Eat at Regular Times
    Couple date night
    Eating a regular breakfast instead of a sometimes-bagel and swapping a 2am slice for a 6pm sit-down will have serious weight-loss results. People who eat at irregular times have a greater incidence of metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance–an inability to convert sugar into energy which sabotages weight loss and can lead to heart disease.
  10. Avoid Artificial Sweeteners
    Back away from the pastel-colored packets and nobody gets hurt. Although studies have shown that artificial sweeteners are “safe” when it comes to carcinogenesis, there’s a real danger that they’ll make you hungrier.