Get Lucky! Foods to Eat for St. Patrick's Day

Keep the luck of the Irish on your side—and on your plate—this St. Paddy's Day. Stick to our best list to celebrate without gaining those unlucky pounds.
  1. Irish Lamb Stew
    oups and stews are usually lighter options, and an Irish lamb stew (made with low-sodium stock and lean cuts of meat) is chock full of veggies and herbs like carrots, onion, thyme, and parsley.
  2. Irish Bangers
    Although these Irish sausages can be higher in fat, a healthier cut from your butcher will be leaner and fewer in calories. Stick to just one, and enjoy with cabbage (instead of mash) for a less-sinful meal.
  3. Irish Whiskey
    Of all the alcohol to celebrate with on St. Paddy's Day, Irish whiskey is one of your safest bets. At just 69 calories an ounce, enjoy it neat, over ice, or cut with water.
  4. Colcannon Potatoes and Cabbage
    Colcannon potatoes are basically mashed potatoes mixed with sautéed cabbage or kale. The ingredients are simple enough; go heavy on the greens for a more nutritious side dish.
  5. Shepherd's Pie
    Shepherd's pie can easily be lightened up, and the recipe itself isn't that bad: meat, veggies, and mashed potatoes. Just opt for lean ground beef, go easy on the butter and sour cream, and fill your plate with more veggies than potatoes.
  6. Guinsess
    Guinness may be a stout, but it's surprisingly low in alcohol—just 4.2% ABV. Since beer's main source of calories is alcohol, a pint of Guinness is just 125 calories; you can totally throw back a couple without feeling super guilty.
  7. Potato and Cabbage Soup
    The broth-based soup has simple, healthy ingredients. Potatoes and cabbage are both common in Irish fare—and when combined, they and make for a light yet filling soup.
  8. Irish Breakfast Tea
    This seems like a no-brainer, but this Irish black tea has such a fractional amount of calories that it clocks in at zero. It seems tame, but it's still a festive way to celebrate St. Paddy's Day—and you can add in one ounce of Irish whiskey for a boozy treat!
  9. Kelly's Traditional Hard Cider
    Not all ciders are created equal; Kelly's has significantly fewer calories than its Irish cider counterparts. Just be wary of the sugar intake.
  10. Shamrock Sugar Cookie Without Icing
    If you're going to have something sweet, this is probably your best bet. One sugar cookie is much better than a piece of Irish coffee cake or Carrigaline whiskey pie. Opt for one covered in green sprinkles rather than green frosting, and try to have just one.