How to Make the Perfect Weight Loss Smoothie

Forget the $10-a-cup superfood smoothies and make your own at home using affordable weight loss foods — for about a buck a glass. Making smoothies can be a pretty freewheeling endeavor, which is certainly part of the fun, but we’ve established a few basic rules. Follow our guide and you’ll be ready for liquid liftoff.
  1. No Ice Cream
    If you want ice cream in your smoothie, call it what it is—a milk shake—and have it for dessert. We're firm believers that desserts have a place in any diet — if done right — but breakfast is not the time.
  2. Use a Strong Blender
    A weak blender won’t be able to crush the ice quickly enough, which means it melts and ultimately dilutes your precious creation, rather than giving it that bracing, velvety texture you want. If you're stuck with a less-than-stellar blender for the time being, try substituting in frozen banana slices for the standard ice cubes. They'll instantly chill your drink and lend an ice cream-like consistency that makes your slim-down smoothie feel indulgent.
  3. Respect the Ratio
    Once you learn the basic proportions of liquids to solids, you can turn anything into a pretty drinkable smoothie. For every 3 cups of fruit, you’ll need about 1 cup of liquid. Keep in mind that both yogurt and ice will thicken your drink.
  4. Look to the Freezer
    In addition to being considerably more affordable, frozen fruits may actually carry higher levels of antioxidants because they’re picked at the height of season and flash frozen on the spot, research has found. Also, frozen fruit means you can use less ice to make your smoothie sufficiently cold, which in turn yields a more intense, pure flavor.
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