Cause who wouldn't want to be..
  1. Oprah - cause she's Oprah
  2. Joy - from the movie Inside Out
  3. Yoda - so I can bestow wisdom on all without caring how I look
  4. Marilyn Monroe - does there need to be a reason
  5. Cleopatra - a Queen who got carried around everywhere, took milk baths and got fanned all day
  6. Pablo Neruda - because his poetry sounds beautiful in any language
  7. Frida Kahlo - one badass bitch and great artist
  8. Albert Einstein - A genius, yes please
  9. Frank Sinatra - cause he did it his way and did it well
  10. Cat woman - cause I'm already a cat woman so why not look good, get to make out with Batman, have loads of baubles and fight evil villains
  11. A famous Chef - any famous chef
  12. A brain surgeon - so I can fix my Mother's brain
  13. Pavlova - childhood dream
  14. Buddha - no explanation necessary
  15. Steve Jobs - I think...
  16. A heart surgeon - so I can my father's heart