1. "Na-nu no-no" ( just like Mork, but negative )
  2. "The test results on that request have come back...negative"
  3. "NEIN!" (Scream in loud cartoonish German accent. Think 'Shultz' or 'Klink' from "Hogan's Heroes")
  4. Lip Sync That Mitch Ryder record where the chorus goes "no no no no no no na no no no"
  5. Show this picture of Phil Hartman portraying Judge Wapner from "The Peoples Court"
  6. Hand person a CB radio. Go around corner with another CB radio. Contact person on radio, announce "that's a big nega-tory good buddy"
  7. A tasteful and well written card accompanied by a striking "Edible Arrangement". They truly are head and shoulders above flowers!
  8. Buy a Pizza with "No F*cking Way" spelled out in pepperoni. (Based on pepperoni size you may need up to a large Sicilian Pie)
  9. Charades. Who doesn't love Charades!