1. Don't go near the water, until you know how to swim.
  2. Nobody goes to that restaurant, it's too crowded.
  3. If someone says I'm always lying, are they telling the truth, or are they lying?
  4. In a fountain of eternal life, can a man drown in it?
  5. This sentence is False.
  6. My nose will be growing. - Pinocchio.
  7. If you replace each and every component of a ship, one at a time. Will it still be the same ship?
  8. If you remove a single grain of rice from a heap - it is still a heap. You continue removing, until you left with one grain of rice. When do you separate a heap from a non-heap.
  9. Potatoes consists of 99% water. If you let a pototo dry until it's 98% water, it will lose 50% of its weight.
  10. Predestination / Bootstrap Paradox
    A man travels back in time to discover the cause of a famous fire. While in the building where the fire started, he accidentally knocks over a kerosene lantern and causes a fire, the same fire that would inspire him, years later, to travel back in time.
  11. Butterfly Effect
    A minor change in circumstances can cause a large change in outcome.