@ayk, thanks for giving something to do on the train!
  1. Can't live without:
    (Not going to do the obvious ones like air, food/water, family, or friends.)
  2. Dogs!
    I'm almost 34 and have had dogs for my entire life, minus a few days. Pure love.
  3. Coffee!
    I've been drinking it since high school. I used to drink tons of it, very light and very sweet. Now I drink about two cups a day, black.
  4. Television!
    I unabashedly love tv and watch a lot of it. FX is probably my favorite station currently.
  5. Music and books!
    My outlets. I used to be a musician of sorts and miss it. I always have music on in the car and pay for Spotify. And I'm quite a bookworm. Mostly fiction.
  6. Could sooner forget:
  7. Reality TV
    My friends love the Real Housewives. I don't judge anyone for it, I just don't watch any of it. I loved The Real World when it first came out but nowadays prefer funny shows.
  8. High heels
    I can't walk in them, they're uncomfortable, and I have flat feet and tendinitis.
  9. Meat/fish
    Just because I don't eat it
  10. Trump.
    I can't even with the current political climate.