I didn't have Netflix or any other streaming service until I met my husband almost 6 years ago. We unabashedly love tv and these shows. (I'm not including shows meant for binging like House of Cards, OITNB, etc.)
  1. Friday Night Lights
    Clear eyes, full hearts. Texas forever!
  2. Cheers
    Talk about commitment. But totally worth it.
  3. Lost
    Even watched this one while deathly ill on our Hawaiian babymoon.
  4. Mad Men
    I had never seen this show and had no desire to until right up to before they aired the second half of the last season.
  5. You're the Worst
    So f'n good. And as a side note, Aya Cash gives me major hair/eye makeup envy.
  6. Twin Peaks
    Kyle MacLachlan😍☕️Still need to watch the movie, can't wait for the new episodes. So seminal, so weird and perfect. I'm pissed this one got cancelled so early on.
  7. I thought there were more but maybe that's because there are 275 episodes of Cheers. Like I said, commitment.