Very difficult to find gifs or even pictures from this episode, unfortunately. Maybe just watch😁
  1. It should come as no surprise to anyone on this app that The Office is one of my all time favorite tv shows.
  2. I just watched Booze Cruise and feel the need to highlight just how funny/perfect/representative of the show it is.
  3. [Season 2 is chock full o'nuts]
  4. Cold open:
  5. Michael dancing on the boat to "impress" everyone
    Steve Carell💙
  6. Static
  7. Jim and Pam having a very significant moment but he doesn't end up telling her how he feels
    Jim instead tells Michael about his feelings for Pam☹️
  8. When the guy jumps out through the window off the boat because of Michael's terrible analogy/presentation.
  9. Dwight thinking he's driving the boat
  10. A glimpse of what's to come with Angela and Dwight
  11. Basically, this episode is 💯👍🙌
  12. [basically, this list is pointless and maybe meandering]
  13. [basically, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯]