If you need a good cry.
  1. Boyhood
    I only watched this some time in the past couple months. The whole spectrum of feelings + tears. The exquisite artistry, duh. But how it captures all the rawness and realness of family, growing up, falling in and out of love, parenthood... The Beatles' Black Album is icing on this perfect, amazing feat of a movie cake (and available as a Spotify playlist).
  2. Show Me A Hero
    The best mini series I've ever seen. A true story that is so tragic and yet so poetic. I never imagined a housing project in Yonkers could be that riveting and full of humanity. Don't read about what happened, just watch it.
  3. My preoccupation with mortality probably borders on the unhealthy, but I encourage everyone to read this article. Human connection is invaluable, and you never really know a person's story (but it can't hurt to ask).
  4. I'll admit, I was all teary on the train one morning last month reading about Robin Williams' Lewy Body Dementia. Again, you never truly know another person's story.