I knew nothing about this book but needed a new read and the only book club I was ever a part of was disbanded a couple years ago. So! Here we are... @BookClub
  1. I am really digging this book. I gravitate more towards character-driven stories so that speaks to me. And I love the writing, especially the brackets. I often write/speak in parentheticals.
  2. I don't remember it in vivid detail bc I read it years ago but Fates is also reminding me of Jeffrey Eugenides' The Marriage Plot.
    I guess that's neither here nor there.
  3. It's an interesting exploration of nature v. nurture. Maybe even some epigenetics?
  4. I like the pacing and how quickly almost 20 years go by because that is how it feels in real life. I often forget my age.
  5. Ditto the varying ideas of what constitutes success in all facets of life, be it a marriage, a career, etc.
  6. I don't know what the plot is building to, if anything, but I appreciate some of the unexpected turns I've encountered so far. And the imagery.
  7. I'm not sure what else to say about it yet but am happy/eager to discuss!